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About Dough & Co

I can think of nothing better than creating fantastic, premium products that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Dough & Co started as a small local baking company, offering a selection of hand made goodies to my friends and neighbors. Over the past few years I have expanded outside of my local neighborhood and my products can now be found in a number of grocery and specialty food stores as well as through our online store. 

I strive to create products that are free of artificial ingredients and preservatives. I use only quality,  all natural ingredients and bake in small batches to ensure that each item is as delicious and wholesome as it was when I first started. This quality and attention to detail is what sets Dough & Co apart from the competition.​ 

From my signature Slow-baked™ cookies to my custom specialty items I provide products that you, your friends and family will fall in love with. Local delivery and nationwide shipping is available as well as corporate gifts and event and party services.


Thanks for visiting and I look forward to making your day a little bit sweeter!